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Our many years of experience and our extraordinary know-how in the field of rolling bearing technology benefit our customers through numerous services: from expert advice on materials to reliable quality management, from global procurement to assembly service. Our service power is evident on both a large and small scale. Find out more about our services here. We would be pleased to show you personally what we can do for you. Contact us anytime.

Technical advice

With us you have a competent partner at your side! Our experts will be happy to advise and support you in technical applications and develop practical and efficient solutions together with you.

Worldwide procurement logistics

In order to purchase at the best conditions, procurement across national borders is often necessary. However, shopping outside of Germany is impossible without special challenges. The need for information is very high, the logistics effort has to be coordinated, knowledge of exchange rate fluctuations or customs duties is necessary. In addition, there are often cultural communication problems.

HECHT relieves you of all these hurdles and is your reliable partner in global procurement. Our sustainable concepts give you security in terms of quality. In addition, our logistics team masters all customs and import modalities.

Quality management

HECHT ball bearings are mostly subjected to extreme conditions and enormous loads in use. For this reason, all products and manufacturing processes are subject to strict quality guidelines and constant testing processes in advance.

HECHT products are exclusively manufactured in audited and certified plants, including DIN ISO 16949, in order to reach the best quality.
With state-of-the-art testing technology and certified quality management according to ISO 9001: 2008, HECHT can thus guarantee its customers reliable production and delivery.

Of course, the quality guidelines specified by the customer will also be included and taken into consideration in the manufacturing process for HECHT products. The HECHT service team will be pleased to be able to advise you in this regard.

Testing laboratory

Define quality - check quality

All units are regularly externally certified.

We have state-of-the-art equipment available for all rolling bearing data

Surface measurement

Our high-precision Keyence 3D profilometer is the ideal device for accurate surface measurements. With this advanced technology, we can determine three-dimensional profiles, as well as the Ra and Rz values of the raceways.

Noise test

With our MGG111 we can map the running behaviour acoustically, graphically as well as numerically on 3 frequency bands.

The noise behaviour is an important indicator, also for the service life of bearings.

Here we can determine - what causes the noise   - the outer rings, the inner ring or the balls, also waviness/out-of-roundness of the raceways can be determined in this way.

Radial internal clearance

Compliance with bearing clearance is an important part of our customers' specification

Axial internal clearance

Extract of several devices for determining the axial internal clearance

Material analysis

Our state-of-the-art X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is an instrument for precise and reliable material analyses

Form measurement

Precise, process-reliable testing with our Mahr form measuring machine

Hardness test

Precise hardness measurement in HRC / Vickers

DIN ISO certificates
Special lubrication

Roller bearing lubrication is essential for the optimal application of the roller bearing. In close dialogue with our customers, we discuss the criteria for determining the environment variables.

In cooperation with leading lubricant manufacturers, as well as with our suppliers, we select the most suitable lubricant for our customers for the application. With modern lubrication systems from our manufacturers, application-optimized lubrication of rolling bearings is carried out with precise dosing.

Assembly service

Integrated and tailor-made total solutions offer advantages!

As a manufacturer of sophisticated mechanical components, we also can offer you the assembly of your components. We take over all processes that are not tailored to your own production process.

Use our assembly service for pre-assemblies, component assemblies, the production of modules or the final assembly of the complete product. We offer you everything from a single source, from parts production to final assembly and packaging!

Damage analysis

A damage diagnosis in the area of ​​rolling bearings essentially means researching the causes based on the damage characteristics of the affected products. We have renowned experts from the rolling bearing industry as partners who can create independent analyses.

At the beginning there is always the visual assessment of the ball bearing defect and the exact, among other things photographic documentation of the construction, essentially the connection parts, up to the theoretical constructive structure. From this, the first indications can be determined via a FMEA (failure mode and influence analysis).

In the following, the experts take a grease sample if necessary and carefully dismantle the roller bearings concerned. For each individual damaged rolling bearing, the damage characteristics are then documented on the basis of a further checklist - this includes, for example, flaking, scoring, fractures, cracks, cage damage or fretting corrosion.

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